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BookMooch banenr

Some time ago I joined BookMooch (BM).  Unfortunately, at the time all of my books were in boxes, so I couldn’t exactly list any.  All of my books are now on shelves, but they still aren’t organized, which means I haven’t pulled any out to list on BM either.  I did, however, upload my “WANT” list from LibraryThing over to BM, so that when I do start listing books and having them mooched I will already know what books I want are available.  Perhaps this weekend I can redo my shelves and list some books!


Edited to Add: I did list 10 books tonight.  Mostly Jodi Picoult (I guess I’m really over her now) and a few others.  My name on bookmooch is the same as here: Devourerofbooks.

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