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Reading While Remodeling

March 13, 2008

Right now, my bookshelves are covered with drop cloths. Within the next week or so, all of my books will in boxes, the cataloging order destroyed even further. In the meantime, I’m figuring out how to read while remodeling.

I had a live Christmas tree this year – the first year I’ve had my own live tree since I lived with my parents. Brian and I went out and bought a tree stand sometime after Thanksgiving, put a tree in it, and left that tree up until about the end of January. When we finally took the tree down, we noticed a large, black and red spot on the carpet. Mold. Luckily we had stopped watering that tree sometime around Christmas! Long story short, the tree stand company is paying to replace the carpet – which has turned into getting new carpet; rewiring all of the rooms for cable, internet, and phone; removing popcorn ceilings; sanding those ceilings; painting the ceilings; painting the walls; replacing the floor boards; and adding crown molding.

Did I mention this all has to be done – and everything put away and cleaned and nice – by April 10th?

This process really started in earnest last weekend, which means most of the furniture is pushed against a wall and the bookshelves are all covered in very dusty drop cloths. Before they were all covered, I rescued a smallish stack of books and put them on the counter in the guest bathroom (since it isn’t as if I am going to have any guests over anytime soon) so that I can get to them without too much trouble when I finish the two I am currently reading.

It can be very hard, though, for me to pick books too far in advance, because I decide that I am in the mood for something different. I tried to take enough of my TBR books that I couldn’t get through them all, but I’m still worried that I won’t want to read those. I will probably either end up sitting on the floor in the kitchen tearing apart the boxes all of the books are going to go in before the carpet people come, OR I will end up making numerous trips to Half Price Books with my wishlist in hand.

The other issue is a lack of anywhere to sit. The sofa and the chair in the living room are against the wall with knitting stuff piled on top and other furniture in front of them. I am left with only my bed and the folding chairs set up around the folding table where Brian and I have been eating dinner.

On the bright side, once everything is put back together, I can export my handy dandy LibraryThing catalog into Excel, sort by tag and author, and put my library back in order!

The Beauty of LibraryThing

March 7, 2008

I first found out about LibraryThing from a friend who wanted me to post all of my books basically so that she could see them. On LibraryThing you can post up to 200 books for free. Well, I had well more than 200 books and couldn’t FATHOM the idea of posting just part of my library. LibraryThing is used for cataloging your books, and if I was going to do that, then I was going to do it all. I looked at the pricing for unlimited books: $10 for a year or $25 for a lifetime, I figured for $25 I might as well hedge my bets that they would be around for at least 3 more years and I would get the better deal, so I bought my membership and set myself down to the task of entering my library.

This was all quite the procedure. The first, obvious step was to actually enter the books. Brian ordered me a bar code scanner online so that I wouldn’t have to manually input everything. So I sat down and scanned all of my books onto the computer (thank God for laptops so I didn’t have to carry all my books back and forth!). At that point I figured that it was all well and good to have a list of all of my books, but it wasn’t that helpful if it didn’t DO something. LibraryThing allowed me to sort by author, title, Dewey number, etc, but none of those quite fit my needs as far sorting books in order to organize my library.

This realization led to many a days (this was during the summer, before I got a non-teaching job) of sitting at the laptop and figuring out how I wanted to tag all of my books in order to sort them in my physical library how I wanted. I think I tag differently from many users, my tags are my sorting criteria, so they have to be in a certain order to be useful to me. It took a lot of trial and error to get the tags how I wanted them, but I did and then I spent about 3 days moving books around on my bookshelves in order to get them organized based on their LibraryThing sorting. Of course, now I need to almost re-do all of it, because I have a bad habit of not putting the books away when I finish them, or just putting them at the end of the shelf.

For a long time, I thought that housing my book catalog was all that LibraryThing was good for. I would mainly only visit it in order to add books I had bought, or just to look at my pretty library, or add some reviews. Then I was playing around with it one day and discovered the LibraryThing Early Reviewers Program.  I immediately signed up to receive free, early reviewer books.  Of course, the first month I didn’t win anything.  I started reading the ‘talk’ group for the Early Reviewers to get a better feel for the program.  Then I started reading a bunch of the other ‘talk’ groups in subjects in which I am interested.  As a result, I received an early reviewer book and have added a ton of books to my wishlist.  Not to mention that LibraryThing and some of the members thereon, inspired me to start this blog (Reading Around the World came from LT members too), which I am thoroughly enjoying.

Thanks LibraryThing!