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Sunday Salon – Rolling Along

June 1, 2008

It is an absolutely gorgeous day here outside of Chicago.  This is quite lucky, as our church met outside this morning.  We don’t have our own building yet and generally meet in a local high school.  However, this weekend said high school is having their graduation, so instead we met at the gazebo in the little town center.  Brian and I decided that today would be a good day to try to ride our bikes down to the service.  It was between 30 and 45 minutes down there, we had church, everyone hung out for a bit on the lawn, Brian and I rode up to lunch and sat outdoors, rode over to the bike shop to pick up more accessories, and finally rode home (found short cut that only took just over 20 minutes).  Suffice as to say, I’m a bit sunburned and have not gotten a lot of reading done.

This week was a book club week for me, which are always fun.  Our book this month was “Middlesex” by Jeffrey Eugenides.  Those of us who read it really quite enjoyed it (you can see my review here).  Our wine for the night was Albarino which is a white from Spain.  I must say, I thought better of the book than of the wine.  Of course, I’m more of a red wine girl.  If it is too hot for red wine, I’d generally prefer a mojito or a daquiri to a glass of white wine.  It was a good time overall, however.  We aren’t able to meet in June, so we’re going to read “The Double Bind” together with “The Great Gatsby” and discuss them both in July. 

The other good thing about book club is the extra time it gives me.  I work in Chicago, and all of the girls in my book/wine club actually live in the city, as I used to do.  Brian and I live a way out in the Chicago suburbs.  If I were to drive home after work and before book club, I’d have just enough time to get comfortable enough that I would never want to leave again.  So instead, I generally either babysit for a friend so she can go out, or I sit at my office when everyone’s gone and just read.  This month was a ‘just read’ sort of month.  I sat at my desk for about three hours and just read.  I finished up “Have I got a Guy for You” (review here) and started a “The Leper Compound,” which was sent to me by Literary Ventures Fund.  I’m also working on an ARC of “Alive in Necropolis,” which is not at all the sort of book I would normally read, but I am enjoying it so far.  the plot has something to do with vengeful ghosts, although that hasn’t become a huge part of the action yet. 

Well, Saloners, I’m off to do some work around the house so I can do some more reading tonight!  Make sure to check out my big contest, there are only a couple more days to enter.  I will likely announce winners either Tuesday or Wednesday.  You can win ANY book I have reviewed so far. 

Sunday Salon – Traveling

May 18, 2008

Sunday Salon

I’ve spent the last 45 minutes or so laying in bed and reading.  What a wonderful morning!  In a few minutes I need to get up and get packing to go back home, but I decided to stretch out my lovely, restful reading time by a few extra minutes by posting my Salon.  Unlike last Sunday, I will actually get some good reading time in today, on my four hour flight back to Chicago. 

I’m working on two different books today, and I’m not quite sure how I feel about either of them.  The one I’ve been reading so far this morning is Margaret Atwood’s “The Handmaid’s Tale,” a dystopian novel.  The writing is well done, absolutely and I am definitely not DISliking it, but I seem to be reading it almost in a daze, as if I cannot respond to it until it is complete.  This is my first experience with Margaret Atwood, and I am reading it right now for a group read on LibraryThing.  I am definitely engrossed and do not want to put it down, but it is just such an odd feeling while reading it, very detatched. 

The other book I will definitely be working on today is “Storm Over Morocco,” by Frank Romano.  I chose this book from ReaderViews to review.  I began it on the airplane on Friday, but had to put it down after 5 chapters or so because the tone was just very intense and I needed a break.  It isn’t bad, again I’m not disliking it, but I just couldn’t take it for very long and I am a bit reticent to get back to it.  He’s not really even at the really intense part of his story, it is just something about his method of storytelling, I think.  I can see this book really sucking me in a little farther down the line, but it is almost scaring me at the moment. 

If I manage to finish both of these books, I will probably go on to “S: A Novel of the Balkans” for the Reading Globally theme read on the Balkans, which is going on right now.  However, I think that there is a definite possibility that I will finish “The Handmaid’s Tale” and still need something to intersperse with the intensity of “Storm Over Morocco.”  If that is the case, I don’t think a story about war and rape is quite going to cut it.  In which case I’ll start reading my book for book club this month instead, Jeffrey Eugenides’ “Middlesex.” 

Well, Saloners, I must go pack and talk wedding plans with my mom.  Before I go I want to leave you with this comic that someone posted on LibraryThing today.  Hilarious.   


Sunday Salon – Reading Crunch Time

May 11, 2008

I feel a little bit like I am cheating in my first Sunday Salon.  I did not get a ton of reading done today, and what I did get done was just for my Vlad Drakul/Dracula theme read (I was running around, so I pretty much exclusively was reading “The Historian” while Brian was driving). 

I did do a fair amount of looking at my TBR Calendar, however, when I was at home.  It is slightly overwhelming at the moment.  Basically I was planning on reading just one book for ‘fun’ before getting back to review books, group theme reads, and my book club book.  However, as I explained the other day, I got sucked into my own theme read totally on accident.  This theme read includes two fairly long novels – “The Historian” is nearly 680 pages and my copy of “Dracula” is about 450 pages including the little bitty footnotes of the annotation, most of which I am reading, even if I don’t read the lost first chapter in the appendix – plus a fair-sized nonfiction book. 

This has caused everything else on my TBR calendar to get pushed back, and everything on there now is more or less time-sensitive.  Luckily, I am flying to California, so that is some good reading time on the plane and in the airport. In fact, on Friday I probably have to be in the airport for almost 4 hours before my flight takes off, because Brian has to take me to the train around 6:20 before he leaves for work, and my flight doesn’t leave until about noon.  So it will be Metra train, El train, airport, airplane, then the airport and the airplane again Sunday.  Hopefully I can finish my theme read before then, and read the 4 books that were supposed to be read this week/weekend while traveling!