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Drum Roll Please…

June 3, 2008

Here it is, the long-awaited 100th post!  I wasn’t planning on posting until tomorrow, but I have three posts (including two reviews) just dying to be published, so we’re going to go ahead and do it now. 

But first, some stats:

– 52 people entered this contest.  Basically everyone left multiple comments, blogged about the contest, or both, for a total of 229 entries

– The person with the most entries was Kegsoccer, with a total of 30 (15 comments doubled for blogging). 

– 22 different books were requested.  The most requested book was “The Historian,” followed closely by “Year of Wonders” and then “The Zookeeper’s Wife.” 

And the winners are….. (more…)

100 Post Celebration Contest

May 20, 2008

This is post number 82 since I began blogging at the end of February. I have decided that I would like to do something special for my 100th post, I would like to share with my wonderful readers some of the fabulous books I have read.

Here’s how it will work:

  • Start looking through all of the books I have reviewed. You can just browse the blog or click the ‘book review’ tag.
  • Leave a comment on THIS POST telling me which book you would like to receive and why.
  • I will draw up to three winners. If 15 or fewer people enter, I will draw one winner; 16-30 people, two winners. Over 30 people, I will select three winners. If I have a really overwhelming response, I may be persuaded to have even more winners.
  • Winners will be drawn and notified with my 100th post or on June 18th, whichever comes first (due to scheduling).
  • Books will be ordered from Amazon and sent to you, unless the winner chooses one that I’m willing to part with that hasn’t gone on bookmooch, in which case I will send the book media mail. Books will be ordered/sent out by July 7th, so if you win and don’t get back to me by then with your address, you’ll be out of luck and I MAY choose someone else.

Want more chances to win? There are two ways to do so:

  • Leave comments around the site. Anywhere, on any post. Any comment you leave from now until the drawing will be considered an additional entry in the drawing, as long as you make sure to leave a message here about what book you want before the drawing ends.
  • Blog about my contest on your own blog (just make sure to email about it if you don’t blog on WordPress) with a link here and double your chances to win.

A couple of notes about the contest:

  • If you choose a book that hasn’t been released yet, I will let you decide if you want it pre-ordered for you from Amazon, or if you want a different book (if I’m not willing/able to let go of mine).
  • Comments changing your decision from one book to another are allowed, but will not count towards your extra chances to win.
  • People’s extra chances do not count towards extra winners being chosen. There have to actually be 16 different people entering in order for 2 books to be pulled, no matter how many chances everyone has.
  • When you leave a comment, please either leave your website or include the link to your email so I can get ahold of you if you win.

Attention: This contest has ended.  For results click here.

Free Books for Blogging

May 1, 2008

Penguin classics is evidently giving books away at random to the first X number of people who agree to review them.  You enter your information and they send you an email telling you that they are sending you _________ book.  I am getting Henry VI Part 2, for instance.  All you have to do is agree to review it within 6 weeks of receipt.  Click here for the info.

Free Books

April 22, 2008

I’ve been getting a fair number of free books lately, between ReaderViews, J Scott Savage’s blog tour (he has more spots available for bloggers!), and a string of luck in the LibraryThing Early Reviewer program. Well, now you can get free books too! Maw Books (whose name I LOVE) is giving away 20 free books to a total of 10 people. All you have to do to be entered is comment on her blog, which you should check out anyway, because it is great. See the post about the contest here.

You also have until Wednesday night to enter at carp(e) libris reviews to win a copy of Sandrine’s Letter To Tomorrow, which carp(e) assures us is an absolutely haunting book. See the contest here.

Check them both out!

Holding Her Head High – Give Away

March 7, 2008

Now, I know that I did not write the most positive review of Holding Her Head High, by Janine Turner; however, I WOULD like to pass it on to someone else to read. Advanced copies are not to be put up for sale, they can be passed on or donated to Friends of the Library (although they’re sold there, I’m told that is alright and not the same as selling in a used book store). It is entirely possible that someone else might have a completely different reaction to the book than I did. Most of the LibraryThing reviews were similar to mine, but the book got very positive reviews on Amazon (except for the reviews that I and another LibraryThinger posted).

Anyway, if you would like the book, post a comment on this post for me. That will show me your email and I’ll email you for an address to which to send the book. If you want, I can even post YOUR review of it here, like a guest reviewer!