Sunday Salon – Printer’s Row

Today may not end up being comprised of a lot of reading, but there are sure going to be a ton of books!

This afternoon I will be traveling to downtown Chicago to attend the Printer’s Row Book Fair.  There are author events, booksellers, and exhibitors.  I plan to focus primarily on the exhibitors and pretend I got to go to the BEA.  If I can make it down there in time, I will also be going with my friend Megan to see Augusten Burroughs speak for a bit.  Megan actually created some business cards for me to hand out to exhibitors , if appropriate, but Brian and I had a very difficult time getting them to print out.  I’m actually off to Kinkos right now to see if I can copy one from regular paper onto the nice business card paper.  If not, I’m tempted to buy some card stock and try to print it and cut it.  Or we’ll just have to wait on the nifty business card thing.  I’ll try to add a picture of them later…

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8 Responses to “Sunday Salon – Printer’s Row”

  1. J. Kaye Says:

    Augusten Burroughs? Wow! Have fun!

  2. Samantha Says:

    Have fun at the book fair!

  3. unfinishedperson Says:

    A book fair? Who cares about reading when there’s a book fair? 😉 I think any one of us Sunday Saloners who are not going to this event wish we were — or that we lived close enough to go. Have fun…I have one of Burrough’s books on my to be read list, so I haven’t read anything by him yet. But from all I’ve heard, he’s good and I’m sure will be a lively speaker. Give us a report when you get back. Look forward to hearing how it went.

  4. Bryce Says:

    I agree with unfinished person… a book fair can trump a reading day!

    Do upload business cards… there’s very little that’s more exciting than a brand new slab of business cards!

  5. Devourer of Books Says:

    Okay, it didn’t work out. See the info and the business card here.

  6. marie Says:

    sounds like a great day- have fun! 🙂

  7. Lisa Says:

    A Book Fair! I’m so jealous! Sounds like you’re going to have a wonderful day. I live in a small southern town and we don’t get many book fairs here. I hope you have a great Sunday!

  8. rantsandreads Says:

    I was watching some of BookTV’s coverage of the Printer’s Row Book Fair yesterday. I’m glad you got to go though. I always end up finding out about local book fairs the week after they’ve already ended.

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