“Have I Got a Guy for You” – Book Review

 Have I Got a Guy for You” edited by Alix Strauss

Have you ever wished that “Sex and the City” was a book (okay, other than the actual book called “Sex and the City“)?  If so, perhaps you would enjoy “Have I Got a Guy for You.”

“Have I Got a Guy for You,” is a collection of 26 stories about girls whose moms set them up on blind dates.  Each individual story is clever, well written, and humorous.  Read all at once, however, they get a bit repetitive.  I would estimate that about 75% of the stories are set in New York and at least half of them involve Jewish mothers. 

This book would be great to pick up from time to time, reading one or, at most, two stories in a sitting.  These stories would be great to read after a bad date, when you wish you were having even a bad date, when you want to remind yourself why you’re glad you are no longer dating, or even in a long line at the grocery store. 

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11 Responses to ““Have I Got a Guy for You” – Book Review”

  1. Nitestar Says:

    Thanks for this review. I had never heard of this book – but it sounds right up my alley. So its going on the to be bought pile.

  2. rantsandreads Says:


    How did we end up reviewing the same book at the same time? At first I thought WordPress misdirected and lead me back to my blog.

  3. Melody Says:

    Nen, were you rolling your eyes while reading this book? It kind of sounds like fluffy crap, and while I know you love you some SATC (Have you seen the movie yet?), I can’t imagine you wanting to read stuff like that…

  4. Devourer of Books Says:

    rantsandreads – I’m guessing we both got an email asking us to review it? I know LiterateHousewife has it for review too. I’m guessing they found one of us, and follwed the blogroll to the other two.
    Mel – When I got to more than one or two stories at a time I’d start to roll my eyes. Mostly, though, they were well-written enough I didn’t TOO much. And no, unfortunately I’ve not seen the movie yet.

  5. LisaLynne Says:

    You’ve been tagged to create an author meme. The rules can be found on my blog, http://aliveontheshelves.blogspot.com/2008/06/tag-im-it.html. Come join the fun!

  6. lisamm Says:

    Yeah, I don’t know. This one just isn’t for me. I’m going to give it away in June.

  7. Megan Says:

    Not gonna lie – I want to read it. At least parts. 🙂

  8. rantsandreads Says:

    Yeah, you are right about the email to review the book. It was a fun opportunity though. Its always nice change of pace reading something completely different from my usual selections.

  9. Breanna Says:

    This sounds really good. I’d love to read it sometime.

  10. bunnyb Says:

    LOL! Sounds like a fun book that I’d enjoy 🙂

  11. LisaLynne Says:

    This sounds like the sort of book I choose as a commute book – a fluffy story on the way to work, a fluffy story on the way home, passes the time quickly.

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