Unexpected Arcs

The title of this post is ever so slightly misleading. I received six totally unexpected books in the mail today from the Literary Ventures Fund, one of which was an ARC. I believe the other five have all come out since the beginning of 2007, however, so they are all quite new.

I had never heard of the Literary Ventures Fund (or, more likely, I have and have completely forgotten in the meantime), so I’m not quite sure how they got my mailing address, but the books look fantastic. A little bit about LVF, for those of you who haven’t heard of them:

The Literary Ventures Fund, a first-of-its-kind, not-for-profit private foundation, serves as a primary “partner-in-risk” with authors and publishers in advancing works of fiction, non-fiction and poetry. Using a philanthropic investment model, we provide supplementary support to literary authors and publishers by offering them our foundation’s resources, including expertise and publishing ties to bookstores and media outlets, publicity assistance, innovative marketing and sales programs, and in some cases direct cash investments as well. LVF’s efforts help ensure that exceptional works of fiction, literary non-fiction, and poetry with a potential for broad readership reach the widest possible audience and remain in print for years to come. In addition, LVF fulfills its public-policy mission by presenting programs that generate discussion about the broader literary landscape, the role of publishing in serving literary writers, and how more readers can become engaged with literature.

The books are as follows:

Although these books seem to be ‘no strings attached,’ the letter came with them asked me to “please help support (these books),” so I am going to treat them basically as books sent to me for review, priority above other TBRs, other than the other books actually sent to me for review.

Edited to Add: I found out HOW I got this stuff, thanks to my friend Megan who found a handwritten card for me inside one of the books. I requested Monique and the Mango Rains somewhere on the internet (which I am vaguely remembering now) and evidently gave both my website and my mailing address. Their Marketing Director checked out my website, liked it, and included some other books she thought may be of interest to me.



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