Sunday Salon – Reading Crunch Time

I feel a little bit like I am cheating in my first Sunday Salon.  I did not get a ton of reading done today, and what I did get done was just for my Vlad Drakul/Dracula theme read (I was running around, so I pretty much exclusively was reading “The Historian” while Brian was driving). 

I did do a fair amount of looking at my TBR Calendar, however, when I was at home.  It is slightly overwhelming at the moment.  Basically I was planning on reading just one book for ‘fun’ before getting back to review books, group theme reads, and my book club book.  However, as I explained the other day, I got sucked into my own theme read totally on accident.  This theme read includes two fairly long novels – “The Historian” is nearly 680 pages and my copy of “Dracula” is about 450 pages including the little bitty footnotes of the annotation, most of which I am reading, even if I don’t read the lost first chapter in the appendix – plus a fair-sized nonfiction book. 

This has caused everything else on my TBR calendar to get pushed back, and everything on there now is more or less time-sensitive.  Luckily, I am flying to California, so that is some good reading time on the plane and in the airport. In fact, on Friday I probably have to be in the airport for almost 4 hours before my flight takes off, because Brian has to take me to the train around 6:20 before he leaves for work, and my flight doesn’t leave until about noon.  So it will be Metra train, El train, airport, airplane, then the airport and the airplane again Sunday.  Hopefully I can finish my theme read before then, and read the 4 books that were supposed to be read this week/weekend while traveling!


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11 Responses to “Sunday Salon – Reading Crunch Time”

  1. Ann Darnton Says:

    Welcome to the Salon. ‘The Historian’ takes time to read not only because of its length but also because of the complex way in which the levels of plot interact. However, for a first novel I think it’s very good indeed. I’m really looking forward to whatever she produces next.

  2. gautami tripathy Says:

    Reading anything, anytime is good enough for Sunday Salon or for any other day, for that matter! Have a great journey and reading!

  3. JLS Hall Says:

    Like you, I didn’t get much reading done for the Sunday Salon this time. I admire you for tackling “The Historian” – I’ve been looking at it in the bookstores, but the length has kept me from starting it. Sounds interesting, though.

    Don’t envy you with all that travel time, but at least you’ll be reading. Have a good trip!

  4. J. Kaye Says:

    For once, I got a lot done. This is rare as Sundays are a busy day, so don’t be too hard on yourself. 🙂 You have some pretty chunky reads there!

  5. Devourer of Books Says:

    The only thing that is helping me make my way through is the fact that this is actually a reread of “The Historian,” which means I can get through it a bit faster. I agree, Ann, that it is a very good first novel. Extremely detailed and expansive. I am, somewhat surprisingly, loving “Dracula,” which also helps, but they are just all so huge!

  6. Sister Says:

    You can bring a book to my graduation ceremony too… as long as you aren’t reading when they call my name!

  7. lisamm Says:

    California, huh? I’ll wave to your plane from my backyard 🙂 Are you visiting for business or pleasure? That is the only thing about a long travel day that I really enjoy- being able to read to pass the time.

  8. Devourer of Books Says:

    My family lives there. I’m going out for my sister’s graduation and a bridal shower for me. Thank goodness for reading time! I just got 6 unexpected books in the mail that I want to review as well! But I’ll blog about that separately.

  9. Marie Says:

    Good luck with your reading. I know how overwhelming it can be sometimes! I’ve taken to listing out my TBRs with priorities attached, and tagging my ARCs by release date to pace myself. Have a great trip & good reading! 🙂

  10. rantsandreads Says:

    You so organized with your reading schedule. I just grab whatever book I see and start reading whenever I can fit in the time. How many different groups do you actually review for? LibraryThing definitly has a one-up on Goodreads with that aspect. I haven’t found any review-groups on Goodreads yet, but I’ll have to keep looking. Have fun in sunny California this weekend! The weather is going to be fanstatic here this weekend.

  11. Devourer of Books Says:

    On a fairly regular basis just LibraryThing Early Reviewers and Readerviews, but I’m also getting something from Connecting Books With the Online World, the Penguin thing, and a couple of blog tours, plus this stuff from Literary Ventures Fund

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