Booking Through Thursday (BTT) – Mayday


Quick! It’s an emergency! You just got an urgent call about a family emergency and had to rush to the airport with barely time to grab your wallet and your passport. But now, you’re stuck at the airport with nothing to read. What do you do??

And, no, you did NOT have time to grab your bookbag, or the book next to your bed. You were . . . grocery shopping when you got the call and have nothing with you but your wallet and your passport (which you fortuitously brought with you in case they asked for ID in the ethnic food aisle). This is hypothetical, remember….

I’m sure that EVERYONE has said this, but I find it fairly unbelievable that I would be without a book (or two, or three) or my Ipod (loaded with audiobooks), both of which I keep in my giant purse at all times. I don’t EVER just carry my wallet, why would I want to just have something in my hands (wouldn’t fit in any of my pants) when I can carry it more out of the way instead?

So in this case, I will assume that I am going be waiting then going on a flight for a period of time longer than the amount of time it will take me to finish my book. Audiobooks are great when I’m cooking, driving, working out, etc, but I could absolutely not just sit still on a plane and listen to one. I would get far too bored and not pay attention, so I would have to do SOMETHING.

Along with books and my Ipod, in my purse at ALL TIMES is my book wishlist. I would take the wishlist into whatever book store was at the airport and see if, by some miracle, any of the books were in there. If I couldn’t get 2 or 3, I would make sure to also grab some magazines (Time, Newsweek, Discover, or Vanity Fair would be the first I’d look for) and books of sudoku and crosswords, possibly two sudoku books. I can’t look at and listen to words at the same time, so the crosswords would have to be done with quiet or music, but I could listen to my audiobooks while I kept my eyes and hands busy with sudoku.

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6 Responses to “Booking Through Thursday (BTT) – Mayday”

  1. rantsandreads Says:

    I would just peruse the bookstore at the airport, but that depends on how much time I have to spend at the airport waiting for my flight. I tend to fall asleep on the plane, so I wouldn’t need any reading material once I actually board…

  2. Devourer of Books Says:

    I can USUALLY fall asleep on the plane, but I know that if I didn’t have enough to last the entire ride, it would be the one time I couldn’t sleep at all.

  3. CJHill Says:

    I’m one of those women who doesn’t carry a bag of any kind. I have one of those extra large wallet type things that has room for my checkbook and credit cards… and it does fit into the front pocket of my jeans in a pinch. So, it’d be the place that sells magazines or books at the airport for me.


  4. Marg Says:

    Hopefully I would be flying on an airline with free on board entertainment, but even if I was I would definitely be buying something too.

  5. Susan Helene Gottfried Says:

    I like that idea of doing sudoku while listening; I bet I could pull that off. Maybe; I tend to sink pretty deeply into sudoku and block out the world.

    I also LOVE your idea of carrying your wishlist around with you. Mine’s huge — 1300+ books — but I could carry part of it around… not a bad idea at all. Thanks!

  6. Devourer of Books Says:

    Wow, I thought my wishlist was intense at 13 pages! I like always having it with me, because if I just happen to stop in at Half Price Books, theoretically I can look for something I was already wanting to buy, and not purchase something completely additional (not that this always works).

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