Reading Frustration

I really need it to be next week already.

My mom is arriving here on Wednesday afternoon and my best friend on Thursday for my bridal shower this weekend and to get some wedding stuff done. As you may have read already, we have been doing some remodeling lately. As with any construction-ish project, it is taking far longer than originally planned (evidently there MAY be baseboard put up tonight at least behind my bookshelves so that books can be put back, although probably not organized). We are still at that stage where whenever you want to put something away, something else is in the way and there’s something ELSE in the place that the second thing goes. And so on, and so on.

This has meant that I am coming home from work and working on the condo nonstop, with little sense that it makes much difference. In other words, little to NO time to read. I did manage to finish Stealing Buddha’s Dinner this weekend, but only because I was exhausted but not sleepy Saturday night. Other than the tail end of that fast read, I didn’t read a thing all weekend. Most disturbingly, I didn’t make any progress in Franklin and Lucy, which I need to finish for the Early Reviewer program, especially as my other book from March finally arrived today.

Even lunch, which is my normal reading time, is cut short this week. Today I had to run off to the grocery store so that I can make dinner tonight (I’d have gone after work, but I’m the church treasurer now and the secretary forgot to bring one of the bills she needed signed to church yesterday, so I’ve got to stop by on the way home and sign) and I wiped down the inside of my care, tomorrow I’ll have to have my car vacuumed out, if I don’t get a chance to do that in the morning, Wednesday I’m leaving early so I’m not taking a lunch, Thursday I’m leaving early so I may take a shorter lunch (and may have to do Leadership Team reports for church during lunch), and Friday I’ll be running wedding errands and not at work.

Of course this is all very busy and liable to create stress, but I think what is really stressing me out (besides barely being able to walk around in my home with my mom coming in 2 days) is not having any time to decompress from all of this with a good book. I really need it to be next week.

This frustration probably isn’t helped by Goodwill, Half Price Books, Rolling Meadows Friends of the Library Booksale, Carol in my office, and literatehousewife, and of course LibraryThing Early Reviewer, from whom I received a total of 26 books in the last 3 days, if my mental math is correct.  My TBR pile (not all of them are even marked!) is spiraling out of control, and my wishlist is even worse.  I need some good, quality reading time.



2 Responses to “Reading Frustration”

  1. Literate Housewife Says:

    I am so excited about your upcoming wedding. You’ll have to take a picture of yourself in your dress taking a quick reading break before the ceremony (yeah, right!!). Try to take deep breaths. To everything there is a season. There is a time to read and there is a time to work your butt off so that you can enjoy a wonderful honeymoon and come back to a beautiful condo. 🙂 Your reading days will return to you soon.

    And there’s no pressure from me to read Eleanor vs. Ike. I wanted you to have it.

  2. Devourer of Books Says:

    Thank you so much. I loved your little note, too =)

    Now I think I might have to at least stage a ‘reading before the wedding’ picture. Fantastic idea! Brian laughed, called me a nerd, and said, “that is so you.”

    Also, I think I’m going to have a reading party for myself on Sunday night when everyone’s gone away. I’m going to lock myself into whichever bed room isn’t being used and not let anyone in and read for hours.

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