Holding Her Head High – Give Away

Now, I know that I did not write the most positive review of Holding Her Head High, by Janine Turner; however, I WOULD like to pass it on to someone else to read. Advanced copies are not to be put up for sale, they can be passed on or donated to Friends of the Library (although they’re sold there, I’m told that is alright and not the same as selling in a used book store). It is entirely possible that someone else might have a completely different reaction to the book than I did. Most of the LibraryThing reviews were similar to mine, but the book got very positive reviews on Amazon (except for the reviews that I and another LibraryThinger posted).

Anyway, if you would like the book, post a comment on this post for me. That will show me your email and I’ll email you for an address to which to send the book. If you want, I can even post YOUR review of it here, like a guest reviewer!

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One Response to “Holding Her Head High – Give Away”

  1. devourerofbooks Says:

    This book is now given away, comment deleted by request.

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