One of the things that I love about LibraryThing‘s Early Reviewer Program is that everyone who requests these books are very generous. Partly as a favor to the publishers who are kind enough to provide us with advanced reader’s copies, and partly just to share the free book wealth, many LibraryThing Early Reviewers pass on their books when they are done. Case in point, I just received two Early Reviewer books in the mail today: American Theocracy: Unpacked and The Translator: A Tribesman’s Memoir of Darfur. The Translator is still not even out in the stores yet, and won’t be until March 18th. I think that this puts The Translator to the top of my To Be Read list, so I can say that I read it before it was even out in the bookstores. Plus, it seems like an extremely interesting and important book; not to mention that it will be my book for Sudan in my Reading Around the World Challenge.

This was like a win-win-win-win-win day!

By the way, I will definitely write and post reviews for both of these books (plus the Early Reviewer book I received, Holding Her Head High). My fiance told me last night that I should be a professional reviewer because, “that way you can get paid for all your opinions.”


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