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I am very excited, because tonight I am going to a meeting of my book club. It is perhaps one of the most fun book clubs around. Instead of being purely a book club, it is a book and wine club. A friend of mine and her roommate decided to start this one year ago. They each invited some friends, and asked them to invite some friends, figuring this was a way for everyone to meet some new girlfriends and have fun and learn a little something.

We start the night with the wine (it gets us nice and talkative for the book discussion, plus this way people can sober up during the book discussion, so everyone can get home safely). Each month we do a different variety of wine, this month is Pinot Noir. Everyone brings a different bottle of the wine of the month. We read about the wine The Everything Wine Book and Wine for Dummies and similar books, then we pour small tastes of each wine and compare and discuss the wines. We have learned lots of great stuff. For example: Pinot Grigio has been quite over-planted, but is still very good when it is from Northern Italy, look for Pinot Grigio labeled ‘Friuli’.

Once we thoroughly understand our wine, we get on to the book. We tend to talk mostly about the parts of the book that really struck us, and occasionally get into character motivations and other such things. Occasionally, like with The Memory Keeper’s Daughter, the conversations end up getting very deep and personal. You have GOT to love books, outside of therapy, why else would people who really don’t know each other that well, share personal, sometimes painful things about their lives and families, if it wasn’t brought up by the shared experience of a book? Our book for tonight is Three Cups of Tea, which I have read before but am re-reading. This book is also going to serve as my first non-U.S/Euro-centric book for my Reading Around the World challenge, so look for Pakistan to be lit up soon on my map!

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  1. Jason Says:


    I’m Jason and my partners and I have just launched a new website called We’ve been working on this for a while as a free way for people to create book clubs and reading clubs, to choose books, create meetings, and discuss them both online and in person.

    It’s a free service, and we’re looking to get the word out about it and get feedback from people. We’d really like to develop a community of people who like to read and improve it along the way.

    Please have a look at and feel free to write about it and use it if you like!



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    […] a book/wine club. We discuss first the wine, then the book. I’ve talked about the book club here and here. We only pick our books one month out because evidently we aren’t nearly as […]

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