New Jean Plaidy Reissue

I found out today that there is a new Jean Plaidy reissue coming out called “To Hold the Crown: The Story of Henry VII and Elizabeth of York”. In other words, the beginning of the Royal House of Tudor!

I’m wondering, though, if Three Rivers Press is renaming some of the books as they come out (although I haven’t noticed it with any of her other reissues I have), because I cannot seem to find this book on anyone’s list of her prolific works. If anyone has any idea, I’d love to know!

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One Response to “New Jean Plaidy Reissue”

  1. sarah Says:

    LOVE the new blog! I haven’t read any of the Tudor books yet, but I am intrigued. I always love history with a scandal! Looking forward to reading more about your book selections and recommendations, Jen!

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